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Embark on a journey of academic excellence and groundbreaking discoveries with our distinguished scientific publishing institution. With a rich heritage spanning more than 60 years, we have been at the forefront of disseminating cutting-edge research and fostering innovation in the field of engineering.

Join our vibrant community of researchers, scholars, and visionaries as we push the boundaries of knowledge and shape the future of technical sciences together.

We proudly present our esteemed collection of four reputable journals, each dedicated to expanding the frontiers of knowledge in their respective domains:

  1. Advanced Technologies and Materials: Unveiling the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the realm of materials science and technology.
  2. International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management: A multidisciplinary platform exploring the intersections of engineering, production management, and industrial practices.
  3. Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design: A visionary publication showcasing the fusion of artistry and technical expertise, exploring the captivating world of graphic engineering and design.
  4. Journal of Production Engineering: Bridging theory and practice, this journal focuses on the advancements in production engineering, manufacturing processes, and industrial systems.


Published: biannually | ISSN 2620-0325 | ISSN (online) 2620-147X 
Editor-in-Chief: Mladomir Milutinović, PhD
Subject Areas: 1. Materials and Chemical technologies, 2. Mechanical engineering

Advanced Technologies and Materials (ATM) aspires to be an international platform for the publication, promotion, and dissemination of original, novel, scientific, theoretical, or applied research in the field of production engineering and related areas. The journal welcomes contributions that promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge between scientific institutions, research centers, and industry all over the world. Review articles, case studies, and industry-relevant manuscripts that contribute to better scientific understanding and advance the practice of engineering, are encouraged. ATM is published biannually - in June and December.

Journal Category M51(2023)

Published: quarterly | ISSN 2217-2661 | ISSN (online) 2683-345X 
Editor-in-Chief: Uglješa Marjanović, PhD
Subject Areas: 1. Engineering, Industrial, 2. Management

International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management (IJIEM) is an open-access interdisciplinary international scientific journal that publishes theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles from the field of industrial engineering and production management. IJIEM is published quarterly - March, June, September and December.

CiteScore 3.3 (2022) | Impact Factor 2.9 (2022) | Journal Category M24 (2023)

Published: quarterly | ISSN 2217-379X | ISSN (online) 2217-9860 
Editor-in-Chief: Nemanja Kašiković, PhD
Subject Areas: Graphic Engineering and Design

Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design is dedicated to publishing novel research and papers in the fields of graphic engineering, Prepress, Press, Postpress, Packaging, Colour and quality management, 3D printing, Functional printing, Material and measurement science, Ecology and waste management, Visual perception, Visual communications and media, Electronic publishing and new media, Graphic design, Industrial and product design, Typography, Photography.

CiteScore 1.4 (2022) | Journal Category M24 (2023)

Published: biannually | ISSN 1821-4932 | ISSN (online) 2956-2252
Editor-in-Chief: Aco Antić, Ph.D
Subject Areas: Engineering, Mechanical 

The Journal of Production Engineering (JPE) is an open-access scientific journal that provides a dynamic and comprehensive platform for sharing groundbreaking research. With a strong emphasis on practical applications, JPE publishes studies of direct relevance to industrial practice, manufacturing technology, engineering, management science, and the modeling and optimization of complex processes and systems. JPE is published biannually - June and December.

Category M52 (2023)